#PlayEurope objectives are:

  • Invite young students and unemployed to be active citizens, working at the same time on the development of soft/hard skills and on digital integration in learning and youth work, by providing them useful online guide to set up social business;
  • Show young people how to concretely apply the competencies acquired with #PlayEurope project in everyday life and for the common good, thanks to the Manual of Success Stories on Social Entrepreneurship, that will explore real cases of successful businesses;
  • Promote the adoption of alternative methods in schools, training institutions and NGOs that work closely with young people, inviting teachers and youth leaders to use #PlayEurope informal learning approach to promote civic participation among their students.


#PlayEurope project is addressed to university students and unemployed young people between 18‐30 years from eight EU countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Spain.