# Final step

Take advantage from other social entrepreneurs!

The entrepreneurial journey is full of emotions! Good and bad moments are part of the game, and even if obstacles can get you down some days, there is always hope to rely on!

Remind that you are stepping on a path where just the boldest minds test themselves. A journey that most won’t try to make. A real adventure made of disappointment and triumph at the same time. As long as you stay a little more positive than having those negative thoughts, you’re going to come out the other side as a winner.

What’s the matter? Every successful entrepreneur from Jobs to Musk had a moment when they could have quit, they could have packed things up and moved on. But they didn’t, they fought for their vision, they battled the critics and came out victorious.

And that’s something that both big entrepreneurs and small ones have in common! What if you discover that so many young men and women across Europe have created created their own social venture from zero, giving their active contribution to the community?

Be inspired by these amazing stories and keep on trusting!

Read the stories in short in your language!

Find your mission and start building up your piece of reality!