# step 4

Build up your own team

Teamworking is fundamental in a social business model to achieve good results.

Becoming a social entrepreneur means taking responsibilities and also considering your team’s needs regarding their professional development and well-being. Considering these aspects is what differentiates a good social entrepreneur from a mediocre one.

Having the right people in your team is extremely important. They are the ones who are going to support you in both the challenging and successful times in your social business. Finding and selecting people with the right mindset is quite crucial to look forward to your business horizon. On this proposal you could find useful this article on how to find people with the right mindset for a social business team.

Developing a cohesive team is like a process made of 5 key stages:

Nowadays, the business world is changing and start-ups are more and more innovation-oriented. In addition, enterprises are not tied down to physical locations anymore.

As potential social entrepreneur you should consider setting up useful online tools that may help you in improving communication and collaboration among the members of your team and boosting team’s productivity, for example:


a virtual team communication and collaboration tool, it also integrates with other team apps. Apart from its main feature to ease communication within your team, it also helps you in doing fun stuffs. It also pushes you to do something more each day.


a flexible and visual tool to manage and organize your projects. You can create new projects and tasks and assign someone to those tasks in a simple way. It gives you real time updates!


a tool to track your team's work and manage projects. It's the easiest way for teams to track work and get results.

To have a general overview of social entrepreneurship field, why not communicate with other social entrepreneurs and read their ideas and valuable insights related to your business area?

Take advantage of other people experiences! Check the following pages:

You can also consider joining “accelerators” and “incubators” for training, development and business support opportunities. Especially, for early-stage startups, accelerators and incubators offer great support for business development.

Going in depth, incubators support startups in the beginning stages of building a company. Accelerators, on the other hand, help in the development of existing enterprises that already have an idea and a business model in place.

The difference between incubator and accelerator is still unclear?

Watch this video to learn more!

And if you are searching for Startup Accelerators and Incubators networks in your region, you can find plenty of opportunities out there!

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