Play & Learn

Brain Wars App

Who is the fastest to answer these quizzes? Find it out through a compelling competition that put yourself against other players… Would you like to try?

Build a Bridge

Are you able to build a bridge with a wall in a middle between your team and another? Just try! Communication is the only effective tool to be used!

Card pieces

Negotiation and empathy are essential to carry out a business, play with Card Pieces to improve these skills!

Centro Business Planning tool

Business plans are essential to evaluate the success of your business! What is the amount of your budget? What about the competencies of your team? If you have the answers to these questions, download Centro Business Planning Tool to understand how much your business costs!

Create Your Own Group Activity

Are you able to work in team and cooperate with others? This challenging game leads you to set up an original group activity! Play with your friends!

Creativity games

Develop your creativity and test your ability in finding non-conventional solutions with games like Random Futures and Creative tree! Imagination is the key word!

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, you should be leader of yourself and smart enough to understand market expectations. Are you ready to take the quiz and prove that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Elevate App

This is the tool you were looking for to improve your process information skills… many engaging games to wake up your mind!


A trilogy of serious games to test your attitude and habits. Are you a good time manager? You don’t know it until you try!

Just Listen

Listening is one of the more difficult things to do… Play to improve your skills and understand different point of view!

Listen and draw

You don’t need to be good in drawing to reproduce what people tell you… Just listen and draw!

Mind games App

All the reasoning exercises you need to enhance your soft skills. Play with Mind Games and monitor your progresses in different fields!

Office story app

Would you like to be a social entrepreneur? Launch your business and find out if you have what it needs to be a real business-man! Download the game!

Social Enterprise Quiz

Social media are effective tools to promote your business, but you need to know how to use them, just play to evaluate your competence!

Test Your Digital Marketing Knowledge

Digital Marketing is not as simple as it seems but today you can play to discover your knowledge and your potentialities in that field! Are you a digital marketing pro?

Test Your Marketing I.Q.

Do you think to own what it needs to be a marketing pro? There are 10 quizzes to evaluate your knowledge with experts’ explanation about critical issues. Let’s play!

The Eisenhower Matrix

With the Eisenhower Matrix time management won’t be a problem anymore! Find out the tool to manage tasks and priorities!

10 Team-Building Games That Promote Critical Thinking

Critical thinking allows people to find solutions to critical issues and it is very important if you want to run a business… Come out and test your skills with your friends!