The dark side of Social Entrepreneurship: Beyond Success Stories!

Do you know that Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before inventing the light bulbs? Do you know that Jack Ma failed 10 times before joining Harvard?

These are the kind of questions that led a group of Italian guys to launch an online platform to collect all failure stories lived by social entrepreneurs by setting up their own businesses.

The project is called “Pitch your failure” since the idea behind the project is that mistakes could be more effective and useful than success stories.

“Where did I go wrong? Which element did I underestimate? What did go wrong and what could I avoid?”

These are the questions addressed by the meetings planned by “Pitch your failure” and that aim to make the failure a real flag over success. The key point is that what makes men greater is the “despite everything” instead of “but”.

Who is it for? For scared people, people that do not know what about the risks they run and want to learn from others’ mistakes in order to make it better and set up their own business, despite everything.

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